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Essentials for German Genealogy Researchers: Angus Baxter & Ernest Thode

This March has released an updated book by genealogy expert Angus Baxter entitled In Search of Your German Roots. Fifth Edition. We’re taking this moment to provide a roundup of essentials for German genealogy research: the works of Angus Baxter and Ernest Thode.

Both of these authors and genealogy experts have work we’ve featured on this blog. We have found that not only is the information what we would consider essential, but both Baxter and Thode have a gift for accessible writing that appeals to researchers at all levels.

Please enjoy our roundup of Essentials for German Genealogy Researchers: Angus Baxter & Ernest Thode:

We’ve excerpted chapters from Angus Baxter’s In Search of Your German Roots. Fifth Edition as German Genealogy Part I and the soon to be published German Genealogy Part II on this blog, as we appreciate the reader-friendly writing that serves both beginners and experts researching their German genealogy. Baxter’s informative chapters which we have not excerpted cover German genealogy websites, German-Jewish records, the German records of the LDS Church, the archives of Germanic genealogy, the Germans in the U.S. and Canada, record holdings in Germany, and more, all completely updated for 2015.

If you have German ancestors, it’s only a matter of time before you will have to contend with documents written in German and, if you go back prior to 1945, the German fraktur style of writing. You won’t find all the thousands of specialized terms that arise in German genealogical source documents in a standard German-English dictionary. You will find them in Ernest Thode’s masterful German-English Genealogical Dictionary. Since 1992, Mr. Thode’s Dictionary ranks as the most valuable desktop tool for translating German genealogical documents. We have written more about the challenges and solutions for non-German speakers on their quest for German genealogy in But I Can’t Speak German! The Challenges of German Genealogy.

And most recently, Ernie Thode has given us an invaluable new resource for German genealogists: Historic German Newspapers Online, a resource to over 2,000 German-language newspapers published all over the world and each of them at least 50 years old. This resource is discussed in a blog post of the same name, Historic German Newspapers Online. Researchers will be amazed at the range of information available to them online in German-language newspapers. Even better, they not only contain clues relating to the whereabouts of your forebears, they also provide context for their life and times.

Image Credit: Ancient german family. Illustration from Costumes of all nations: 123 plates, containing over 1500 coloured costume pictures by the first Munich artists. Grevel, 1913. By Grevel [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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