Presidents’ Day Sale – Add to Your Library from and Then Organize It at

By Carolyn L. Barkley

Beginning today and running through Thursday February 21, is offering you a wonderful opportunity to expand your home genealogical library in honor of Presidents’ Day.
(Remember when we actually knew that the Presidents were Lincoln and Washington as well as the actual dates of their birthdays?). You can purchase any of the 2,000 Genealogical Publishing Company or Clearfield Company titles (books or CDs) at a 20% discount off the current selling price. What a great time to order books from your wish list! You may want to take this opportunity to order Elizabeth Shown Mills’ Evidence Explained – or consider such new titles as the updated fourth edition of Angus Baxter’s In Search of Your German Roots, the newly reprinted Savage’s A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, or its companion Female Index, compiled by Patty Barthell Myers. If you would like even more of a discount, there are hundreds of Genealogy Warehouse books already reduced by 40%-50% or more.

To take advantage of this special holiday discount, go to, locate the items you wish to order, and simply add the special code PDS08 (all caps, with no spaces) in the Discount Coupon Redemption Box on the payment information page of the check-out process. You can use your PDS08 discount code as many times as you would like, as long as you place your final order by 11:59 PM EST, Thursday, February 21, 2008.

When you receive your shipment, check out ,an exciting website to use in organizing your home library. This site is an online service to help you catalog your collection and to provide you with access to your catalog from anywhere, including your cell phone. The price is certainly right, with a free account available for those with collections under 200 items. More books than that? Paid accounts (no item limit) are available for $10.00 for a year or $25.00 for a lifetime.

LibraryThing is geared to individuals, although many libraries, particularly smaller ones, are using it to catalog their collections. By entering an item’s ISBN you can search the Library of Congress database, all five national Amazon sites, or choose from more than 80 major libraries around the globe. Once you find a match for your item, you can automatically enter it into your database and assign it a subject (tag). Ever buy books at conferences that you find you already owned? No need with LibraryThing as you can print out your list (all or by tag) and take it with you. The process is very simple, as attested by the fact that there are currently 353,743 members worldwide who have cataloged 23,548,895 books. It makes my 1,040 entries (and counting) look rather modest.

In addition, a neighborhood bookstore program allows you to search availability of a specific title, place a hold on the book, or buy it online. Powell’s Books, an enormous new and used book store in Portland, Oregon, is one of the newest additions to this program. Other features include LibraryThing member input of the libraries of famous people including Thomas Jefferson, Isabella Stewart Gardner, Sylvia Plath, Marie Antoinette, and Susan B. Anthony.

Finally, LibraryThing provides social interaction. You can check out members’ libraries, see who’s collection is most similar to yours, or participate in discussions in a wide range of groups, including some specifically for genealogists, librarians, writers, etc.

February is indeed a month for bargains – first with the Presidents’ Day Sale at and then with membership in

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