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The Making of From Across the Spanish Empire

Editor’s note: We are delighted to share this behind the scenes look at the making of From Across the Spanish Empire: Spanish Soldiers Who Helped Win the American Revolutionary War, 1776-1783, written by Leroy Martinez. This newly released book is the first to identify the Spanish combatants serving in North America during the American Revolution. At the heart of Mr. Martinez’ groundbreaking book, of course, are the lists of Spanish soldiers of this era. Separate chapters list those who served in Arizona, California, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Texas. In most cases Mr. Martinez identifies each soldier by name, military unit, rank and date, and the source, as well as sometimes by age, place of origin in Europe, theater served in, and other factors.

Please enjoy this glimpse into the personal history of the author and how that influenced the writing of Genealogical Publishing Company’s From Across the Spanish Empire. This post is written by the author himself, Leroy Martinez.


The Making of From Across the Spanish Empire, by Leroy Martinez

I am a history and genealogy addict. I have always enjoyed history and it was not until I reached my fifties that I started my genealogy.  I will begin with saying something about myself, how I became interested in genealogy, how my experience in life led me to being a researcher, and the result of my research discoveries. Benjamin Franklin said in 1738, “If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten; Either write things worthy of reading, or do things worthy of writing.” Continue reading…